screamingfish asked: 1-31 >:D


1: How long have you been a Homestuck?

I started on December 27th, 2010. I read all of the other comics on MSPA late into the Problem Sleuth story, and once that finished, I didn’t go back for another year+. But I got back into it, and the rest is history!

2: Your Patron Troll

hmm i wwonder :/

3: Which panel was the last one that Homestuck was updated to when you finished reading it for the first time?

When Terezi runs away from her computer after Dave gets killed by Jack Noir

4: Favorite Music Track

You would think it is Eridan’s theme, but actually, it is the ongoing Doctor theme, most recently heard in Savior of the Dreaming Dead.

5: Favorite Flash

[s] Make Her Pay
 because Vriska beatdowns

also Jack’s ONE STAB

6: Favorite Kid (Beta & Alpha)

Beta: John

Alpha: Jake

7: Favorite Troll


hmmm i wwonder wwho it could possibly be

8: Favorite Other Character (Doc Scratch, Spades Slick, The Dolorosa, Davesprite, etc.)


9: What’s your Fetch Modus?

Pocket Modus

I only have X amount of slots depending on what I am wearing.

When I am naked, I have none.

Pants have 4+

Hoodies add 2

etc etc

10: Strife Specibus allocations?

Pickkind (both for guitar and excavation)



11: What’s your Title (X of Y; example Heir of Breath)?

The Waste of Hope

12: Prospit or Derse?

Derse because it ALWAYS wins.

13: Midnight Crew or Felt?


14: Which Land is your favorite (canon lands)?

Land of Wrath and Angels, no contest.

15: Bing Crosbytop or Bill Cosbytop?

Zip zop zoopidy bop!

16: What’s your favorite part about SBURB? (The enemies, alchemization, the consorts, etc.)

The ability to connect, play, and create (even something as grand as an entire universe) with people over a great distance :3

17: Got any Homestuck merchandise?

Not TECHNICALLY, but my girlfriend is holding onto an Hero of Hope shirt for me

18 Cosplays?

19: Fancharacters?

20: Fanfiction?

… someone is writing me some for broadwway erikar so…. .////.

21: Fanart?

A lot actually!
Not any of my own art
I have a BUNCH from fans!

22: Could you give Hussie directions to Olive Garden?

There is one literally less than three miles from my house!

23: No, but could you give Hussie directions to an actual Italian restaurant?
Yes to that too! We have one in town!

24: Have a favorite AU?
Broadwaystuck :P

25: Have a favorite crossover?


26: Least favorite thing about Homestuck (in general)

27: Most favorite thing about Homestuck (in general)

Hussie’s writing!

28: Least favorite character?
Vriska :I

29: Favorite page?
All of the Eridan ones.
30: Favorite Homestuckism? (Who’s this douchebag, Already here, acrobatic fucking pirouette, etc.)

were making this hapen
in my/your dream, i/you am/are the star
it is you/me
31: Sweet Bro, Hella Jeff, or Geromy?

The nude dog peaches

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